All A-E F-J K-O P-T U-Z


Adelmar is the architect and the artistic soul. He has a strong bipolar disposition, being manic at one time and depressed some hours later. He sees signs and deeper meanings everywhere but his fellow monks don't tend to appreciate his view on life, the universe and everything. He keeps trying, not aware of their annoyance and living in his own little world. Adelmar likes the infinite and always changing beauty of the nature and hates purely pragmatic souls.
Age: 33
Favorite quote: "Oh my God, a double rainbow!"


Daisy is a absent-minded girl who's always thinking about the most crazy stuff ever. Apart from not knowing the difference between right and left, she has the unusual ability to get into the worst kind of trouble without even trying. Thankfully, she also has the great skill to get out of the most desperate situations by accident. She seems quite shy and asocial but in reality she's just too busy dreaming about random stuff to pay attention to what is going on around her. Daisy is a peaceful gal who likes everything and everyone. Especially cupcakes. She loves cupcakes.
Age: 19
Favorite quote: "Whoopsie Daisy!?"


Devon is a cheerless and pessimistic little fellow. He is sure that he will die soon, even though he seems to keep on living. He does what is asked from him but is also convinced what he does is not helpful or will go badly in some kind of way. When someone tries to cheer him up, they just end up being as depressed as Devon because of his sound proof for the bad things in life. Devon does not really like something, nor does he hate something, expect maybe himself.
Age: 28
Favorite quote: "We're all going to die anyway..."


The evil professor Dragoslawa is plotting and scheming to rule the world and become the new God of the little monks. She comes from a family of evil professors and has inherited her evilness from both her parents who tragically died in an attempt to take over the world. Dragoslawa loves maniacal laughter and gets all warm inside from the sight of fluffy baby rabbits. She's really scared of spiders (but, shht, don't tell anyone!) and has a deep hate for democracy.
Age: 42
Favorite quote: "Mwahahaha!"


Ferrell is the self-proclaimed leader of the little monks. He has a tendency towards dictatorial leadership. Though most of the monks don't like him as a leader, no one has the guts to openly challenge him. He's an egocentric asshole that cannot manage to see the point of view of others. He is addicted to power and so he fears to lose it one day. He is kind of paranoia towards others that might be better leaders than he is, which is pretty much everyone but he fails to see that due to his narcissistic disposition.
Age: 64
Favorite quote: "Because I said so!


Fluffy is the second companion of Quinn (which makes Mr. Cuddles very angry. It's not known if it's a boy of a girl, but s/he's very cute and fluffy.
Age: 1
Favorite quote: ...


Fred is the biggest funny pants of the little monks. He likes to trick other people and has a particularly good sense on how and when to pull off a pratical joke. Strangely, he loathes other people who try to pull a practical joke on him. Most of the time he is faster than the others but when someone can trick him, he becomes annoyed and tetchy. He WILL take revenche one day, and the smartass who tried to trick him WILL regret it.
Other than that, Fred is a quite enjoyable person, sometimes. When he has a good day. Once in a month or so. With only a select amount of people.
Age: 23
Favorite quote: "Got you, [Insert degrading insult]!"


Lindsay is lazy. Too lazy to write more about herself.
Age: 32
Quote: "Not now..."


The monster is basically two eyes, a mouth with ferocious teeth and the mind of a child. Telling more about his appearance would spoil the story, so we won't. He's very naive with a dash of crazy.
Age: ???
Quote: "Yummy!"

Mr. Cuddles

Mr. Cuddles is the quiet and always smiling teddy bear of little Quinn. He has been his life companion and silent confidant for his whole life. Like every teddy bear he has seen a lot of things you wouldn't want to know. Those things may or may not include butt plugs.
Quote: "..."


Quinn could be described as mama's little boy. Although he's already 32 years old, he still acts like a child, whimpering and crying to get what he wants. He is used to being taken care of for every little pain, which turned him into a hypochondriac. He is also used to get food all the time, which has made him quite fat to say the least. He's so fond of cupcakes, that for his 18th birthday he asked for a bathtub filled with them and got it. He then proceeded to bathe in them. That was the happiest day of his life. His biggest fears are the "thing" in the woods and losing Mr. Cuddles. In reality, however, he is afraid of almost everything.
Age: 32
Favorite quote: "Mommy!"


Randy is... something else. She grew up in the little monks' rural Texas were she learned a few extreme and conservatives views on God. She is convinced that the current church of God is decaying and that it is her task to save it. She tends to forget what her faith is about in order to rant about how bad everything is going. No one really listens to her, but she doesn't care or notice.
Age: 56
Favorite quote: "The end is near!!!"


Sally is very smart; no one doubts that. But she's the kind of smart that is socially and emotionally awkward. She does not realize monks have feelings, because she does not have any, and is prone to hurt other monks because she's sure she's right. She's the right hand of Ferrell and the real leader, the one behind all crazy ideas. But, sssht, don't tell Ferrell!
Age: 38
Favorite quote: "You are wrong."


Salvador is, old. Very old. He claims to be 105 year old, but seems to be living since forever. He's convinced that his age leads to more wisdom and that the other little monks have to respect him for that. Unfortunately, his wisdom is limited unlike his egoism.
Age: 105
Favorite quote: "I'm senior, you know!"